Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Exploration 8

If you click the following link and scroll down, just below the text there is a video that provides some facts about the current drug issues with Mexico and the US.

Illegal drugs have become a major export for Mexico.  The cartels use their money, power, and brutality to ensure that they will get away with their crimes.  With all of the violence related to the drug war, Mexican citizens live in fear.  They never know if or when they might be kidnapped, extorted, or killed.  Death rates are astonishingly high. 
A good source for information about this situation is the following link.

Up to page 105, I think the most memorable scene in The Road is the scene where the man and his wife are discussing their opinions on suicide.  It is horrible to think that the world could become so terrible that suicide seems a reasonable solution.  This scene also shows the man’s will to survive and find a better life for the boy.  This is a major theme that carries throughout the book.

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