Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Part one:  Bad economy and drug war is really affecting the Mexican citizens badly. Millions of people are dying because of drug war and that is really not needed. “Over the past five years, nearly 48,000 people have been killed in suspected drug-related violence in Mexico”.  Drug users are willing to do anything to get things their way and that’s the biggest issue Mexico has I think and that is leading to other major problems such as females getting raped and beat. If their economic was going well and each and everyone had positive something to do then people would have lived in betters lives.


Part Two:

 My favorite part so far is when the father takes his son to the old house he grew up in and the father starts telling his son stories about back in the days when he was growing up. I really think that was a beautiful father and son moment they had. My favorite sentence and also this part is where I think the writing is best at. “What would you do if I died? If you died I would want to die too. So you could be with me? : Yes. So I could be with you.”(McCarthy 9) This was a good writing because it really shows how much the father loves his son and how much his son means to him. As a reader I had connections reading that sentence and I thought to myself how  many fathers would die for their children?

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