Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Drug War in Mexico.

Part One
The business of drugs lead to violence, many people in mexico are getting killed by people.  over  the pas years million of people were killed and were suspected drug relating violence in mexico. this issue has being horrible for the past years this violence has been increasing since president felipe Calderón  become a president he believe that increasing power of drug will increase the treat of the country, but drugs has been leading to violence in many years many people died because of drugs. this issue needs to be taken under control before it hits the whole nation.

                                                                  Part Two
My favorite in the book is when he is on the road and he remember his wife. he is daydreaming about when they were in the theatre seated beside her he recalls how she was dressed and the what type of dress she was wearing. My favorite senteces in the passage so far is "that the boy was all that stood between him and death"( mcarthy 29) he believe that what kept him until that day alive was his son. i believe he kept him motivated.i think he believe he was living for his son to survive through that climation that has happened.. his son is what keeps him alive and his stands in between death and his father.

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