Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge shows a lot about the American character, it shows that America’s are very hard workers and it shows that they don’t give up on important things like building that Brooklyn Bridge. The film showed that even the people who didn’t mean anything other people will mean something to them one day later on in life. For example John Roebling, people don’t really look at things the way he did. But after he builds that beautiful bridge people started to look at things his way and understood where he was coming from. For him and his team to do all that work took so much courage and they didn’t give up even when people were getting really sick.  John and everyone that helped build the Brooklyn Bridge gave many people hopes; having that bridge makes people feel like they can do anything because the ones that build the bridge were just normal as us they just worked very hard to get to that stage. I think John finishing that bridge was one hard project.  One of the quotes I heard in the film that meant something to me would be… “A bridge that took 14 years to build”  This quote tells me that all those 14 years there were people who work hard and stayed focused with the project just so they can make the American dream come true for others and themselves which makes there American  character great.
I wanted to know how many cable wires are on the Brooklyn Bridge, and I think this link will give people the right percentage…

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