Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Brooklyn Bridge

The bridge was initially designed by a German immigrant who has designed and constructed previous suspension bridges. John Roebling died because of infection after he sustained an injury while working on the construction of a bridge. He took a contract to build the brooklyn bridge and designed it, but never had the chance to build it. His son Washington Roebling took over after his father's death. He was 32 years old at that time. There were a lot of conflicts and challenges that he went through to build the bridge. It took him 14 years to build it, but Washington Roebling suffered a paralyzing injury due to a disease known as "Caisson Disease". He was physically unable to be there at the construction site to supervise, but his wife Emily played a major role in supervising the construction with her husband. He will watch it from his bedroom window and she did this for 11 years. One of the greatest victory was that Washington Roebling's wife Emily was the first person to cross over the bridge, while carrying a rooster to symbolize victory. I researched from the site below.

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