Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mexican Cartel and The Road

The Mexican drug war affected and terrorized citizens by the drug cartels trying to run the country. The Government can not find how to stop the gangs or trying to find a new strategy. More then 45,000 troops have been deployed into Mexico. The zetas cartel are hiring teens in and out of the country to help with the drugs. "Mexico has paid an enormous price: almost 50,000 dead, almost $50 billion in additional security costs, ever more numerous human rights violations, a great discrediting of the country to the world," wrote Jorge Castaneda, a former Mexican foreign minister and critic of the current strategy, in the Spanish newspaper El Pais. Five years later in January 2012, in a New Year's message to the Mexican people, Calderon admitted that insecurity remains one of the biggest worries for citizens. The United States has aided through the $1.4 billion Merida Initiative, which gave the Mexicans Black Hawk Helicopters, but also training for police, prosecutors and defenders. And a majority of Mexico's most-wanted drug traffickers, 22 out of 37, have been put out of commission, but to what benefit? At what cost? Is the strategy really working?



Part 2

My most memorable part of The Road so far is when they met those men in the trucks. The man had kvives and a pistol on his belt. " You think I wont kill you but you're wrong. But what I'd rather do is take you up this road a mile or so then turn you loose. That's all the head start we need. You wont find us. You wont even know which way we went. "

He let go of the belt and it fell in the roadway with the gear hanging from it. A canteen. An old canvas army pouch. A leather sheath for a knife. When he looked up the roadrat was holding the knife in his hand. He'd only taken two steps but he was almost between him and the child. " What do you think you're going to do with that?" He didn't answer. He was a big man but he was very quick. He dove and grabbed the boy and rolled and came up holding him against his chest with the knife at his throat. The man had already dropped to the ground and he swung with him and leveled the pistol and fired from a two handed position balanced on both knees at a distance of six feet. The man fell back instantly and lay with blood bubbling from the hole in his forehead. The boy was lying in his lap with no expression at his face at all. He shoved the pistol in his belt and slung his knapsack over his shoulder and picked up the boy and turned him around and lifted him over his head and set him on his shoulders and set off up the old roadway at the dead run, holding the boys knees, the boy clutching his forehead, covered with gore and mute as a stone.

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