Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"“Legalization” is a loaded word in any conversation dealing with Mexico’s drug war. But it always seems to center around illegal drugs -- primarily marijuana. Not too many people, Homeland_security_today_logo_200especially on the US side of the border, ever really debate legalizing something else: private gun ownership in Mexico... Some people might be surprised to learn that private ownership of a firearm in Mexico is not easily accomplished. The Mexican constitution has its own version of the US Constitution’s Second Amendment. But while Mexican citizens are guaranteed the right to own firearms, the country’s gun control laws are arguably some of the strictest in the world. The obvious concern is that by allowing thousands of additional guns to enter the fold in Mexico, the bloodshed could get worse. Millions of newly armed and perhaps untrained citizens may be inclined to start implementing the American mantra of “shoot first and ask questions later.” Or, on the flip side, violent cartel members may think twice about conducting an attack on homes or businesses where the owners are able to defend themselves."


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