Thursday, May 17, 2012

James Satch Sullinger

James Satch  Sullinger
(Sociology teacher and Basketball Coach)

-The thing that meant the most to me is learning great things about James and finding out who he really is. I learned that interviewing  someone is not as easy as it sounds and I learned how to be a better listener because I did a lot of listening when I did my interview and writing a profile is not easy at all it takes a lot of thinking and typing.
-This is my favorite paragraph because it took a lot for James to open up to me and tell me about his past and I thought that was very kind of him to do that for my interview plus I think this is the best paragraph in the writing. There are people who don't like to share there past with others but James did and what I want to share with the class is that is not easy telling your stories to other people but James did.
-"My mom had me afraid of doing anything because I so was much bigger than everybody. So she always told me that people would have jumped me. If I fight with someone it won’t be just one person it would be a whole group. Or they would have a weapon to take me down. She really had me afraid to do anything and I had lost my hair from holding stuff in…. and my nerves were about to kill me you know… and ahh... I had big bold spots on my head.  She took me to a psychiatrist when I was a kid like eighth grade, ninth grade years. The psychiatrist told my mom I was holding too many issues to myself… so he told her to let me be free mentally and to let me do whatever I wanted to do. You know my mom was always telling me to keep everything to myself. But when she was told to let me go she did….. People use to take my money and I wouldn’t say anything to them…and people would take this and that and I still wouldn’t say anything to them. After the doctor told my mom to let me go and I wouldn’t get in trouble I use to go knock people out. Than my hair came back and it felt good…[ laughs]"


  1. Wow, that's so sad that he had to keep everything in. You would think most families would be so much more encouraging, but I also see their point of view. At least he was able to see a doctor and get his problem solved, and deal with the bullies, haha.

  2. This is interesting, I would have never guessed this. It shows how it happens to anyone. This is a good excerpt because bullying is becoming a bigger problem today than ever before.

  3. I love Satch. Got to meet him once, great guy. Started a great basketball program at Northland.