Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Challenges of the Brooklynn Bridge

The Brooklyn  Bridge is known as the 8th wonder of the world. There was alot of conflict challenges and victories that took part in the construction. from the very first drawling to the finished bridge it took a little over 18 years to build. That is along time for any construction to take, but what was so fascinating about it all was everything was man created. This in today's society doesn't exist we have machines to do all the work for us which takes away some of the pride a person may get from doing it all by hand. alot of men died from the construction of the Brooklyn bridge some of which was from the cassion disease this is when nitrogen bubbles form in the blood stream. many of these men didn't even know the danger they was putting themselves in by doing this work. One of the great victories was that Washington Roeblings wife Emily was the first person to cross over the bridge. she carried a rooster to symbolize the victory. I did research on the causality's of the Brooklyn bridge and here is a site you can look at

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