Tuesday, May 8, 2012



One word that can describe American character that dates back all the way to the Revolutionary War with the British. As Americans, we knew what we wanted. We wanted our independence and freedom from the British. As a country we had to over come a lot of horrible obstacles and hardships to attain the country we live in today. Many lives we sacrificed to reach our goal of independence and I think the same concepts can be applied to the making of the Brooklyn Bridge.

"A bridge that took 14 years to build".

Building bridges these days may not even take 14 months. So much time and effort went into the plans for this bridge alone. As opposed to today, all the little measurements and architectural concepts had to be done by hand rather than by a machine. Cranes couldn't lift heavy beams, it was men who had to carry those materials to heights that were unheard of in that time period. The Caison Disease afflicted so many workers. These workers suffered from "Nitrogen that was bubbling in their blood". That sounds awful and all of that just to build a bridge. According to www.brbridge.com, some of the mean weren't even names because they just simply didnt know the names of the men. Either by snapped cables, fallen towers or the Caison Disease, so many men committed their lives to a cause and I think that embelishes the American character.

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