Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mexico drug war

Hired by customs but working for drug cartels

                                                    Part  One

      The border patrol are working hard to prevent illegal drugs entering the country but some patrol agents are working with the drug cartels to make money apart from their salary they get from the government. The picture above shows an inspector officer been accused of smuggling drugs and working for the cartels. She pleaded guilty of corruption cases. The drug was in Mexico has cost many people their lives weather they were in the business or innocent by standers. Citizens shouldn't be worried about the people who were supposed to protect them are dealing with the cartels. This could lead trust issues between the citizens and the attorities and they might not cooperate with them if they see suspicous activity going around them.

                                                     Part Two
     My favorite part is when the father is gathering wood to make fire, because it was very cold and snowing. He piles wood and fined the fire to life. He goes through his cart to find something to eat and they will eat their last cracker and a can of sausage. He finds a last half pocket of cocoa and he wants to fix it for his son, he pours his own cup with hot water and sat blowing at the rim. The boy says you promised you do that. The father says he has to watch his son and the son says " If you break little promises you'll break big ones". (McCarthy 34). The boy know that you are not supposed to break promises and that shows the boy was raised well even though he doesn't have a mother figure in his life. They have each other.

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