Saturday, May 19, 2012

jacinto W. Bear

     Jacinto W. Beard
Dentistry, Oral Care
Ohio, Columbus

Doing this assignment meant alot to me because I have learned what My Dentist went through to accomplish his dreams. since i wanted to become a dentist he showed me that dreams do come true but it takes time, patience and motivation. it has being a learning expreince for me. i have learned that writting report takes time and alot of work.. i will say good luck to each and everyone that wants to become a reporter or is now..

The first time that I wanted to become a dentist was when I was in third grade, but for me it was a tragedy accident. I chipped my front tooth being sad and down because my parents couldn't afford for a good dentist. They couldn't take me to a high-quality dentist. I have been in a lot of emergencies and clinics just to get my tooth worked on. I couldn’t find a dentist that cared about my teeth, It seemed like those dentist at that time didn't care about how my tooth looked. My tooth stayed chipped for about three to four years. I didn't smile because it was very embarrassing. I even have received a nickname chipped tooth (Laugh Yes! It's funny). After all this year's my mother found an amazing dentist who was an African American down the city at Pennsylvania? I have met him and he was the first African American professional I have seen in medical field. He has fixed my tooth to the point it looked like it has been never being chipped before. Thanks to him that I can smile until today.
This paragraph means alot to me it showed me that he went through harsh times and through those struggles he has accomplished it along the way..


  1. Iam glad that he overcome so many things and Finally pursuite his career

  2. I agree with you Ifrah, is a good thing that he did many things to get to the stage he is at now.