Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Brooklyn bridge and the American dream

The story of John Roebling and the Brooklyn Bridge is a test of the American dream. This man came out of a little village in Germany and became such a well known engineer. He was known for a few other bridges in Cincinnati and Pittsburgh, but the Brooklyn bridge is his most famous. John Roebling knew that he could not be a farmer for he had not patience, but he knew what his true calling was. Even before the plans for the bridge were clear, he knew he was going to build it. Brooklyn bridge was a site of its time, considering all that was happening around it. Lights and telephones were just being invented, but the suspension bridge was already being brought to life by a man with a plan. He knew it would not be easy and especially knew it might not have been the safest idea to build this marvel, but he did not care. He wanted to build the "8th wonder of the world" and he did. You have to think, what kind of person has so much drive to not listen to non-believers and go about his business building things no one can even imagine. The Brooklyn bridge can teach people a lesson about not giving up on their dream. If people always conformed to a norm we would not have sky scrapers and huge monuments to dedicate to people. Most of all we would not have wonders like the Brooklyn bridge if people did not think outside the normal.


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