Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Brooklyn Bridge Documentary

        The question is what can this place teach us? I believe that this documentary of building the Booklyn brige can teach us all a very valuable lessons that we can use in all aspects of life. I think three main lessons that I cope from watching the documentary are determination, faith and commitment. At first, the bridge was designed by one genuise German engineer John A. Roebling, who is immigrated to the US. After he died his son Washington took over to complete the unfinished dream of his father.
Brooklyn Bridge, New York      In every tough situation there are a group of people that is willing to  take the pride, courage and standing out for any challenge in order to accomplish their mission. That's what the leadership of both Emily and her husband and the construction team that built the Brookyln bridge showed us in the film. As we all observed in the decumentary the engineers were working in a hardship environment, where most of them suffered the "deadly Caisson Desease" including their supervisor Mr. Washington. Unfortunately, mr. Washington Roebling, his wife Emily and his workers were all equally committed to complete their mission of building the Brooklyn bridge, no matter what time, effort or money they have to sucrifice for. A quote from the documentary stated "each decision was described in a drawing, hand painted with perticulars care offered by Roebling himself, for the benefit of those craftsmen who could'nt read or speak english" i think the drawing he used was easier access and helpful tool that took big part of building the bridge. All the hard work they put in really paid off because according to the bridge is now one of the most magnificent landmarks in New York.

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