Monday, May 21, 2012

For my essay two, I did my paper on Chad Stang. He has very atheltic all through out his life, and during his senior year of high school he became injured losing his full ride to play college baseball. Though, he had to deal with this challenge in his life, if showed him that there are many more options and other opportunities within his life. As a dreamer, he pushed through school and became a head boss of a large corporation in Columbus, Ohio.  What meant the most to me while doing this project was that people experience rough times. Some may take advantage of some situations, while others are truly blessed. For example, being a college cheerleader last year, I couldn't even imagine losing a full ride after an injury. I'm truly blessed to have obtained something so rare as that. I have learned about writing and reporting that it is very time consuming. You must be organized and plan everything out ahead of time to meet a deadline.

"Growing up, my major goal was probably just go to college and graduate. I really always loved sports, and I sometimes wished I that some point I could be involved with sports with the business side of things. That and agriculture was another thing. Those are my two major passions in life. My dream growing up was to be a professional baseball player. Just watching the Indians in the early ninety’s, they were a really good team at the time. This really struck up my imagination and set goals for myself.  I also had goals arranged from a young age about the American dream, and what I pictured what I wanted in the future.  For me is a house in the country, with some sort of farmland and have a wife and kids. This for me is the perfect example of the American dream."
This is my favorite section of Chad's profile, because he explains his example of the American Dream.


  1. That would really suck losing a full scholarship, but I'm glad to hear that he found a life that he seems to love now. It takes a strong person to overcome that.

  2. that is awful that he lost his scholarship but being able to still push on after that loss is amasing.

  3. I liked his American Dream, it seems like a good one to have, and a popular one amongst a lot of people.