Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge teaches us that if you stick it through, the end product is worth the hard work and challenges.  The original engineer, John Roebling, died of lockjaw, leaving his son, Washington Roebling, with all of his responsibilities.  Then, the caissons were giving the workers the bends, eventually making Washington Roebling so ill that he became bedridden.  After that, the wires for the cables were too brittle.  Challenge after challenge faced the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge.  But in the end, after 14 years, the bridge was completed, and it earned a lot of praise.  It filled the people of New York with pride. 

The following site provides many details of the process of building the Brooklyn Bridge.  From this site you can read about the challenges that had to be overcome to construct the Brooklyn Bridge.

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