Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge shows American history in many ways. It shows the American character by being a man made bridge. A lot of talent has gone into this creation, and has recieved a great amount of respect. In this story the American Dream is revealed through the accomplishments of the outcome of the Brooklyn Bridge. So much time and effort had went into this, making a true work of art. Seeing the bridge finally be completed was a historical moment for our nation. Some conflicts and challenges that are worth remembering are all the lives lost by putting their lives at risk just for the completion of this bridge. Also, the hard work put into this. Working conditions were unstable and almost unbearable to work in, because of the weather and sometimes having to work in pure darkness. The Brooklyn Bridge can teach us so much, including American history, and how the American dream has come into affect. Without this bridge, our history and nation would not be the same.

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