Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Brooklyn Bridge, one the most amazing of artistic structure and wonders created.  John Roebling and son Washington created a master piece, which saw its first passenger travel on it May 1883.  The large art work influenced great artistic minds like: Crane, Geize, O’Keefe, Cline, and Whitman.  They wrote of the great beauty of the structure, and the diverse thought process it assisted.  The bridge was defined in the documentary as the “Great Gothic Archery", which was an example of the artistic capabilities that went into its design.  The thing is they could have built any bridge, but it’s a culture and has symbolic meaning.  Like that of the cities that surrounded it, was involved in changing times and a symbol of technological strength.    Produced with the use of steam and wood built machinery, it displayed the development of American industry.  It helped the development in many artistic cultures such as: movies, music, prose, and art to help define a culture.  The bridge wasn’t just a sign of one culture, but a combined achievement for all within Brooklyn and New York City.  One of the amazing aspects to this art work was the mind and fortitude of its creature Washington Roebling, who even under negative health conditions was able to oversee the construction from a local apartment.  With the help of his wife and assistant engineers was able to erect such a large piece of symbolism.  It was stated in the film that the bridge “It’s and impression in our minds”.  That is displayed in context when asking someone of the great symbols of New York, and The Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge usually come to mind.  The amazement is the amounts of will that must have been needed during the construction, with its own amply named disease, to delayed materials.  Blood, sweat, personal heath, and lives went into the construction of this American wonder and icon.  There are many artists that live for art, but not many that are willing to die for it.

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