Monday, May 28, 2012

essay two

                 I enjoyed doing my interview with couch Seymour. what I had in mind before was; when I hear the word ‘interview’ the first thing that comes up to my mind is ‘job interview’ where you spend your time talking about your previous job experiences and how you are hard worker and so on. Unfortunately this interview was a whole different experience for me and it was also a great opportunity for me to have a conversation with this interesting person, Mr. Seymour. Seymour and I have many things in common, we both love the game of soccer in terms of playing, watching and talking about soccer except he couches soccer for living and I’m not. Since we both have a similar interest and hobby our interview turned out to be more exciting and we have agreed upon many things.  I learned that writing out the transcript for the interview is harder than doing the interview itself.

 “My interest is soccer, I played soccer as a kid, I played in college, I played some pro level and now I coach for a living. So my interest is helping the kids and passing on what I know about the game, for me it’s not about winning or losing but it’s the love for the game, so I try to pass that on. If I can help kids from low income neighborhoods, then I will love to do that, it’s tough because the kids in American from the low income neighborhoods, they really interested in basketball and American football pretty much. So soccer is a hard cell, but the good thing about soccer is that you don’t have to be certain size to play, and as you know the best players in the world, Lionel Messi is like 5,5 or 5,6 height’ it’s all about his skills and his intelligence. So a lot of the kids who aren’t 6,2 6,5 or 250 lbs that even can’t play basketball or those whose smaller it’s easier fit for them to come and play soccer. So that’s what I do and interested in “I live, breathe, eat soccer” Laughs, if I am not playing it, I am coaching it. Because of the high level that I play at and because I can play the game, I’m good at this game, as we get older you can’t play anymore, so the fun for me and the motivation for me is to be able to see kids play, and with a certain potential and I can get them better, I can get them to another level.”

I picked out this specific paragraph because Seymour explained to me what soccer is all about and how his interest and passionate for soccer helped him pass on his experience to today’s generation.  

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