Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mexico Drug War

    The drug war and the bad economy has had a huge impact on Mexico and its citizens. The bad economy is  factor with the drug war causing more people to go to drugs to get money. The citizens have been terrified by this and every 30 minutes, there is a murder in Mexico over drugs. Protests are being held by citizens to stop the drug war, and it is not seeming to work. Citizens become terrified because they never know when or where a gunfire will break out over drugs. A story i read about a teacher in Mexico was involved with a shooting at her house. She went home that night and gunfire and explosions started occurring and she was terrified and did not know what to do. This goes through Mexican's minds a lot now as the drug war is increasing. It is horrific to them and makes them terrified just to go out. Protests are being held to try to stop this mess. “If we have walked and arrived here in silence it’s because our pain is so great and so profound, and the horror that causes it so immense, that there are no words to describe it. We still believe that it is possible to the country to be reborn and rise from ruin and show the agents of death that the sons and daughters of this country are standing up.” The citizens are not seeing a near end to this unless the government steps up and does even more, that is what they are hoping for.

      So far the book "The Road" is very good and has some really good passages. The passage i chose as the most memorable to me is the bottom of page 5 to the top of page 6. "An hour later they were on the road. He pushed the cart and both he and the boy carried knapsacks. In the knapsacks were essential things. In case they had to abandon the cart to make a run for it." This passage is memorable because it is trying to tell something without coming out and saying it. It causes the reader to think, and sets a good starting point to what you think is happening and what you think the book is about.


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