Monday, May 21, 2012

I had mix feeling going back to my high school to meet with my teacher; it was May 8, Tuesday. As I walk through hallways, memories of the high school days drag me into the past. Those memories were both delightful delirious and there was some disappointments too. I walked toward room 204 to meet my teacher.
My name is Dagmar T. Wolcott. Actually, there was nothing much I regret. I will point out however I will regret that I wish I would have made more mistakes. I wish I was never afraid of mistakes, making mistakes and learning from each will would have really made me more mature and intelligent truly beyond my age. This is exactly what I tell my students. Makes mistakes I encourage them to, but never make two same mistakes twice. That will show you have never learned from it at the first time you have made. I really have learned more from my mistakes and every success I have accomplished, the cornerstone of it was by the mistakes made early and learning from it was what propels me to success.

Life naturally is full of struggle. I had family struggle which I was part of it and the family struggle really shaped my personality. I had personal struggle which set off quest for adventure and journey I have gone with to find myself and grow skills and understanding on how to deal with world problem as well as personal and family struggle. I also had struggle that comes with gender, as female I had my own struggle tackling on personal desire, what to become after college or If I will go to college after high school.
Life was very interesting for me when I was young. I have done almost everything young energetic teenager girl would have done, but with mastery and artistic ways. My childhood life and experience was filled with fun.

My parents were major influence in my life. But there were movie-stars, musicians and many people including friends who really influenced me into something that I have done, which in the hindsight, I find it to be silly but very educational experience for me. My teachers, in the middle school and high school as well as college professor really influenced me positively well.
Power to the people, I think that is the best things about American dream and changes. Every change is something Americans spark and individual citizen stir those changes. That is beauty of America. When I was in Younger, in high school or College, yes I have experienced some mysterious experiences that I am at lots of words. But I do think those things have made me stronger.

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  1. Its remarkable story… I like the part where she mentions her parents how they influenced her life.