Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Essay two

         Essay two, I did my paper on Abdi Jama.Abdi Jama is a very prominent business man in Columbus, Ohio. He owns few businesses, he a consultant. Abdi when through a lot of hard time during he childhood. 

         My name is Abdi Jama. I was born March 8, 1979 in Mogadishu, Somali. About my story am a dreamer. Family life as growing up it was actually we where middle class family back where we came from Somalia. We had very decent life style. We weren’t the riches but at same time we weren’t the poorest it was middle class. But my childhood was interrupted by a tragedy situation that happen in my home land do to civil war. So Growing up, so I actually seen a lot of violence and that it sort of become part of my life it became the norm do to the condition the environment that we were in. I have not actually witness a gun fighting and have been exchange to different sides but I have seen the casualties of many people who had shed tears. We were forced to take the belongings what we could from our residents. We took very limits items, just maybe small items of money that we had at that time. We left every single thing that we had one day. After the fight continues couples years later we ended up at refugee camp, little girl born at the refugee camp unfortunately here we are don’t know what to do because we are running away from the militia military.

I picked this paragraph because he talks about how hard it was for him during civil war.

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