Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Rebecca Salyer

My favorite passage from my interview:

                   I think generally though the experiences I have had as a teacher, most of the time if you have faith and confidence in who you are working with that most of the time they are going to come through. I think a lot of it is expectations and students learning what you expect out of them. I think sometimes it goes back to the "tough love" kind of thing. You can have fun with them, but they need to know what the boundaries are. If they know what your expectations are and you don't let that down, most of the time they are going to come through for you. Too many times people in society just think, "Oh, we should just give up on them!", but I think sometimes you just need to push a little harder and it will turn them around. [Laughs] I don't know. I have seen teachers back kids in a corner and when they come out fighting, they don't know why. I think that you just have to learn how to deal with people and how to handle people. For the most part, I feel I am pretty good with that. Sometimes I struggle with some kids and getting them to respond.

When I read this part it makes me think of all the "bad" kids I went to school with. Maybe if someone would have given them a chance or believed in them instead of giving up on them then maybe they could have been better. Some people have it rough at home and come to school for attention and nothing else. Maybe if we push some kids a little harder they might turn out different but eveyone thinks we should give up on them if they can't strive on their own. We cant just focus on the good ones and all the bad ones there are a few great ones in the middle that need a good push. Mrs salyer is awesome at gettin people to do what she asks just because she knows everyone is good in their own way.

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