Thursday, May 10, 2012

Class work today in 367: Presentation groups

Students, I am going to be late today as I have to take my wife to the doctor before class here at 8:30, but I'll be there.  Dan will open the room so you guys can get in there and work.

Please get with your partner or partners and start researching, sharing research, and organizing the information and your analysis.

I want you to write a draft of the introduction today, and fill out this outline.  You will want to compose good topic sentences for each section of your Presentation and come up with great Intro and Conclusion ideas.  This will take time and teamwork so use your time well.  I will help you when I get there.

You can print this off, or I'll send it to a few of you on email as a Word document and you can print it cleanly on the class printer.

All best,


Outline Exercise for Presentations, English 367

Student names___________________________________

Please use this outline to help organize the ideas and examples you will use for each part of this project. To the left of the ideas, write the name of the person who will cover this part of the Presentation.  On a separate sheet of paper, you should compose your introduction, and write your topic sentences for each of your three main sections.

  1. Introduction idea and Thesis statement:

  1. Body section 1: Topic sentence 1 ___________________________

    1. Example/idea/illustration:

    1. Example/idea:

  1. Body section 2: Topic sentence 2__________________________

    1. Example/idea:

    1. Example/idea:

      4.  Body section 3:  Topic sentence 3______________________________
                         a.  Example/idea:

                        b.  Example/idea:

      5:   Conclusion:  In your conclusion, you may want to issue a call to action, or look to the future.  You should also review your thesis and the three main themes you gave us before you close.

a.     Review of Body and Thesis.

b.     Call to Action? or another memorable way to close the Presentation:

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