Friday, June 1, 2012

Esah's Poem

For my poem, I decided to illustrate the greatness of Stephen Hawkings. A truly brilliant man, he is the new Einstein of our age. He is well known for his theories on relativity, astronomy, physics and even key concepts ranging from theoretical mathematics to quantum physics. His story is made even more amazing by the fact that he is nearly entirely paralyzed since catching pneumonia in 1985. Now, the only way he can communicate to other people is through his voice synthesizer which monitors the twitches in his cheeks. This method of communication means that to formulate only a simple sentence can take up to ten minutes. Still, and regardless of this illness, Mr. Hawkings has made several books commenting on various fields of math and science. Though his body may be crippled his mind is far from, and he is a living example of defying boundaries.

A man of great courage
and a being of strong will,
his mind is proactive
though his body is ill.

To most they see sorrow,
a bird's wings just clipped,
for smart Mr. Hawking,
the meaning is flipped.

With a voice long since muted
from sickness itself,
he perceives more quickly
and reads books from the shelf.

Gears  always turning
and his thoughts on track,
the scientist emerges
with a brilliant new fact.

Possessing good patients
and wisdom is smart,
to old Mr. Hawking,
it's simply fine art.

Behind eyes so glassy
seemingly free of thought,
his mind sits smoldering,
where logic had fought.

Piercing far into the stars
Hawking's queries did go,
the question an arrow
his imagination the bow.

In many ways he's lucky,
wanting to think over time.
Most people just act,
only later to wine.

Blessed is the man
gifted in  thinking,
for many and some
they have not an inkling.
Wise is the man
who can tell the season,
wiser is  a man
who can give the reason.


  1. Nice piece, very well thought out

  2. Wonderful job! I truly enjoyed this. Thanks Esah!

  3. great poem esah:) you captured this poem very well, i enjoyed reading it as well as listening to it