Monday, May 21, 2012

My interview with Roy Lyon

       This project meant a lot to me, and i enjoyed it a lot. When we were first assigned this, I was nervous and did not know what to think. During the interview i started to enjoy this project more than I had thought. The thing that meant the most to me was being able to hear the stories and past of Roy. I had no clue of any of the things he had told me, and I learned what kind of a man he was just by listening to his words. During the writing and reporting process, I learned that it is not a cake walk and it takes a lot of thought and re arranging. It was difficult because I was given so many topics to that i could write about but could only choose a few, and try to get the best of his quotes on those topics.

        There were two passages that I thought the writing was at its best, and the first was when he was talking about his wife. He is a strong believer of marriage and this showed how he was raised and how he lives. "When you take your wedding vows you have to mean it, so when you say that you will support your wife or husband you need to mean it." This shows that he is very caring for his wife. A second passage was advice he gave to me, and other young adults. "Pay attention to what you're doing, learn from others, maintain a good work ethic, and maintain a good ethical standard for yourself. When you cheat others, you cheat yourself even more." This was an excellent quote and true in almost every way. I agreed with him completely on all of those.


  1. Good stuff man, I like the interview quotes.

  2. Sounds like a man with a lot of integrity.