Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Extortion In Mexico

Extortion is increasing year by year in Mexico. Organized criminal networks in Mexico demand extortion payments from businesses and individuals, including migrants, teachers and priests, and few enterprises are exempt from the threat. Extortion is a product of a general climate of insecurity. Because many Mexicans lack confidence in government’s ability to provide security, and distrust the police, threats of violence are an effective way to extract regular payments from citizens and businesses. The extortion is recently targeting teachers in Mexico where teachers in local schools get threat messages that they have to pay the cartels half of their salaries. “This isn’t about money, this is about life or death,” Alejandro Estrada, an elementary school teacher, said as he marched in protest with thousands of other teachers down Acapulco’s seafront boulevard last week. “If you don’t pay, you die.”   teachers are not the only targets for extortion but every individual who is not part of the cartels are on risk of been loosing their live if they dont pribe the gangs. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/09/26/world/americas/mexican-teachers-push-back-against-gangs-extortion-attempts.html?pagewanted=all  

Part 2

The most interesting passage I read was, when they saw the man that was strucked by the lightining I felt heartwarming the way the kid  asked his father if they could help him but the father replayed that couldnt help and there was nothing they could about it. that passage attracts the readerds attention beacsue its too emotional and the condition they were in was bigger than anythind that anyone could imagine. The writting was understadable and releastic and it shows good relation between humans, and how they could help each other in a situations like that but unfortunally the man and his son coudnt hepl the man it was out of their control although the littile wanted to.

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