Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Interview with Simon Oh

My interview with Simon went very well I thought. Simon story brings a lot to the table, but I think my best theme was his pride he had for Korea. He spoke about how if it was up to him, there wouldn't be a North/South. I thought this was a great quote: "My dad played a few golf rounds in the North, but other than that he just had stories of his father… it sounded so fucked up over there… I don’t like being compared to them. (Cigar hit). Yes I’m Korean… they’re so different than people from the South. I don’t understand it. (Cigar hit and 5-6 second pauses). Korea should just be Korea, no North or South… but I don’t want to ramble about that, I could go on forever”.


  1. It is crazy to see how sports can influence a sense of pride in a country, but I guess that is why they have the Olympics.

  2. If I could play golf and smoke cigars all day, that would be so awesome!