Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Brooklyn Bridge

        The Brooklyn Bridge shows a lot of American character and reveals a lot about its people. When the bridge was being built it seemed like everyone cared and everyone was watching and worrying the entire time. When it was finally finished everybody was celebrating and people were everywhere to see the finished bridge. In the movie, it stated: "Everybody had the day off, every business was closed." This showed the excitement that people had for the finished bridge. In the film, it also told how if someone had jumped off the bridge, the whole world would know about it. This shows how much people actually admired this bridge and its true beauty. Even though not all Americans were in the process of the building part, they all felt accomplished and that this bridge was partially theirs. Another part of the American character was caring for others. Many people that built the bridge did not live long after, which means they had the mind set to build something beautiful to last for the world, not for themselves. It is not the tangible things that are remembered, but the what is remembered is the lasting effect it has on a person. This bridge had a lasting effect on people, and not only exhibited American character, but changed it for the better.
         The thing i found most interesting about this bridge were the conditions of building the bridge under the water. I decided to do some further research on the Caisson disease. The Caisson disease was found during the building of many bridges along with the Brooklyn Bridge. It is caused by the formation of bubbles in the body containing air. It affects many people held under heavy pressure and under water, especially divers. Individuals majorly die because of similar circumstances just because they go beneath a specified limit of water and continue to inhale reduced air which gets into his body slowly as well as gradually and ultimately results in his death. In minor cases men suffer from pains all over the body, and bleeding from the nose, or even from the mouth and ears. In severe cases paralysis develops. This disease can be deadly, but if treated right and on time can quickly be cured and contained. The Caisson disease was definitely a problem during the Brooklyn Bridge and was just one more thing to worry about in this project.


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