Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Brooklyn  Bridge
This Amazing bridge is simple of hard work, dedication and team work.  I cant give the whole credit to John and his Son but the whole engeneering team who build the brige did tremendous job for building  one of the most famous bridge in our history. The documentary movie showed the determination and the struggles they went through while constracting the bridge its also showed that washington  was deretmined to build and never gave up on that dream in oder to carrry on the legacy of  his father.  in every aspect of life when some one tries to do something  good people will critize and partially go against the Idea same thing happend to John and his son no one  was expecting the Bridge will turn out to be the way it's today  but they believed them selves and art and that is what kept them going untill the bridge's constraction was completed although it took so many lives out because many disease that caused by construction tge bridge is still strong and symbolize  piece of art. what great about this bridge is hand made bridge technlogy didnt have that much access to the construction of brooklyn bridge and that makes me proud as human and dreamer.


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