Saturday, January 25, 2014

Brian's First Blog

My name is Brian Wilds, I am an English major with a minor in creative writing.  I will be graduating at the end of the semester with plans of graduate school.  I will be taking time off to complete my body of work to submit for school.  I may be going to Africa for seven months to teach, which will give me a different environment for writing.  I’m fairly fluent in Swahili, and have been a TA and tutor for this language.  My life is engulfed in my writing, but I also find time for sports.  My family such as; my father and step mother, two sisters, two stepsister, and one brother are very supportive of my new goals.  My brother and two sisters are all also returning students and two will graduate this semester with me. 

I have found the book Trigger Town to have several different and important facts.  First would be the discussion that “to write a poem you must have a streak of arrogance”.  He states “when you are writing you must assume   that the next thing you put down belongs not for reasons of logic, good sense, or narrative development, but because you put it there”.  I can see this when writing, as the writer must believe in their work, and to have a tough skin to survive the analysis that come with the writings.  A writer should not censor themselves, believe that every word and rhythm in your piece was placed there by you for a reason.  That words express and give a foundation to the message you are attempting to display to your writer.   

Monday, June 4, 2012

My Poem

   I chooce the Korczak Ziolkowski  because he did some many things. He was a sculptor, a planner, engineer, architect, surveyor, driller, dynamiter, bulldozer operator and master of many vocations. He was also a philosopher and historian. He was a true pioneer who, in 1947 at the age of 39 started his greatest sculpture, the Crazy Horse Memorial in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Chief Crazy Horse was the leader of the Sioux Nation that defeated General Custer in 1876.

The Boston born Korczak Ziolkowski
 Was  known as a sculptor
He was also an engineer, a philosopher, and a historian
He was known for his sculpture the “Crazy Horse Memorial”

Being an orphan
 Living in a foster home did not stop him
He knew what he wanted to do in life

Without ever taking any lessons in sculpture and architecture
Self-taught and determination
was his key to success

He was appointed first prize for his work "Paderewski"
That he very much deserved
A man with a heart full of dedication
The greatest sculptor known to have lived

Does hard work and dedication really pay off?
That’s a very good question to ask
Ziolkowski made the answer very simple
If it worked for him
It can work for all of us!

My Poem about Andy Warhol

           For my poem I would like to say little about a famous artist, who's also the leader of the Visual Art Movement, Andy Warhol. He is one of the successful artists in the American history. Andy Warhol was an American dreamer who was not willing to give up in his dream very easily, his talent keep him going. He accomplished a lot of memorable art work in a small period of time. and then he owned one of the largest museum in the U.S., where he  holds all his amazing collections of art and archives.

My Poem

Andy Warhal ain't no fool
but he accomplished a lot of drawing
as matter of fact he is calm and cool
I loved his unique painting

yes he is one successfull dreamer
he didn't had 'no' for an answer and never said never
the media called him the prince of pop
I call him the artistic hope

David Bowie's lyrics, about andy warhol
seems to be little tricky
as he sings an amazing song
Ohh boy! it was pretty long

Andy Warhol looks a screem
Hang him on my wall
Andy Warhol, silver screen
can't tell them apart at all


Introduction: The reason why I chose Walt Disney is that he is the kind of person that cares about the people around him, and is open minded about what other people have to say about him or his work. Who doesn’t like the person that invented Mickey Mouse? He was a character and American dreamer and definitely entertainment visionary.

The Poem:

There was a man named Walt Disney
Whose imagination did soar,
He created many visions
And gave us so much more

He created and turned 
All his thought into a place,
Where everyone feels good 
And wears smiles upon their face

He also brought to life 
Many characters that he drew,
Was one determined goal 
Was with thought for me and you 

He is a fine example 
Of what someone can do,
When believing in their dreams
And making them come true.

                                                   The Image of the Poem


                      Walt, Disney American dreamer and entertainment visionary
I chose to write about Martha Graham, dance visionary.  I think she is a great unique woman who is very talented and I have watched some of her dance videos before and I really enjoyed all the dance steps she was doing even. Is not easy doing the moves Martha Graham does because it takes a lot of talent also your body has to be able to move like the way Martha moves.  There are many people who dance but what makes Martha Graham dances different are that her dances tell stories and have drama which involves with theater and that makes her a very interesting person.

Wow a woman with great moves
She dances to tell you stories 
Her movements are always expressing her emotions.

Every move she makes, every step she takes,
Every dance she makes is the human emotions 
Human emotions are not always beautiful 
What makes it beautiful is putting dances into action almost like using words.

Wow with her dance moves you can tell the peaceful moments in the story
Wow with her dance moves you can tell the painful moments within the story.
Wow with her dance moves you can solve the puzzles within the story.

People might not listen when you want them to listen,
People might not hear your words when you want them to hear it
But people might listen or hear when words are put into actions, which
That leads to dancing and dancing will be translated into the human emotions
  You were looking to get.

Her dance moments are real beauty,
and is wonderful which got her to be successful.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Aaron's Poem

I decided to write about Walt Disney. I chose to write about him because he is known by everyone and his work is still used to this day and is expanded even though he is no longer alive. I see him as a great American figure and it inspired my writing. Walt Disney was the inventor of many Disney characters, his most famous is mickey mouse.

*Sorry for the fast reading, only had 30 seconds to record.

Walt Disney

Some may call him creative
Others call him an inventor,
He formed the most known characters
And put them in the most known park.
Like a Olympic medalist
He earned all the fame.

He dreamed his dreams
And fulfilled the dreams of children,
His mind ran like the wind
Full of great invention.

The park he created
Is enjoyed by so many,
By using his imagination
Not costing him a penny.

In the minds of others
He will never be forgotten,
And the ideas he created
Will be used all the often.