Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Challenge for Washington

A major challenged faced during the building of the Brooklyn Bridge was keeping order within the system of workers, while their head engineer was unable to be on the job site. Since Washington suffered from the effects of the Caisson disease, he was unable to tell the men what they were supposed to be doing. His wife was able to help, but that did not eliminate the fact that people still wanted to take his title from him. The people of New York were losing faith in him since he was running behind on completing the bridge, and since no one ever saw him, this furthered their worries. The vote was 10 to 7, and Washington narrowly kept his title. Not only was the city losing their faith, but so were the men working for him. How could they take directions from a man who doesn’t even leave the house? They have faith that he knew what he was doing, and push on. 

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