Thursday, April 5, 2012

                                                women living in a glass ceiling world
I explored the issue of glass ceilings. I believe women are not givin the same opportunities as men do in the work force. In alot of higher up positions such as managers, lawyers, doctors, ect..... if a position comes available and both a women and a man who has the same quilifications are interviewed but the women has children the company will normally hire the man because they may fear the women will need to take more time off to care for sick children. Unfortunatly this happens alot in corprate buisness and without even taking the time to find out if the women would need to take that time off. on the website i reserched they did a survey and 73% of women compared to 38% men the female managers believe barriers to advancement still exsist.


  1. This comic explains the women's struggle in the work place PERFECTLY!

  2. I agree with your argument about women not getting jobs because they have children. Earlier in American history women's role was to stay home and look after the children. I feel that they try to make that still true today even though in reality it is not.