Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Barber Shops

I look forward to my pay checks every other week for many reasons of course. However, one of the main things I look forward to is going to get my haircut. Since I was about 12 the same guy has cut my hair in downtown Marysville. Having someone else cut my hair just seems weird. I think local barber shops are a must in a community looking to be thriving. Among several reasons, here are 3 main ones: News/current events Source, community support and friendly service from people you know.
            For many people, local barber shops and beauty salons are where they get their news and find out what is going on in the world around them and in the community. Obviously the biggest area is probably sports. Every time I go in to get my haircut, the same group of guys is in there and we talk sports. Barber shops are a great place to find out what is going on in the world and to hear other people’s opinion on certain tings. It’s like a mini debate room with different opinions flying around while getting a haircut. This article on ( ) “Barber Shop and Beauty Parlor Activities”,  really hits on that area in its first paragraph. I chose this article because is a pretty significant website that people read.
            Feeling apart of a community is a must. If you don’t feel like you belong to anybody, I assume it’s pretty lame. Local sports teams and little league teams are always supported by barber shops and beauty salons. Every window in there is filled with that season’s high school schedule and all the old timers in the seats love talking about how their team is going to win it all this year. So many people come through barber shops and even though they’re different, they all belong to the same community and that in itself is something to be proud of. This article from a New York City paper describes a barber shop coming together for its community to help fight cancer,
                Going to a big chain barber shops such as “Great Clips” can be a drag. First of all, they almost always jack up the price. My barber has always charged me $10 for a cut, straight blade neck trim with a hot towel. At places like “Sport Clips” the same treatment can be bought for almost double the price (  Also in my opinion, why go to a big chain place to get a haircut from someone right out of college when you can go to a local barber shop who has probably been cutting hair longer than the whole Sports Clips stylist combined? Local barbers are more passionate about what they do because obviously, they opened their own store. 

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  1. myself i go to one barber shop when i want to cut my hair. i know it does feel little ackward, having someone else cut your hair. i couldn't agreed more!!