Thursday, April 5, 2012


An issue that has happen and still exist around the universe is racism Racism was a big issues and in something places it still exist. So many people got treat wrong in so many ways for example like African Americans, Native Americas.  I learn that people got killed and hurt just because of their skin color and that was something harsh that left marks on people's hearts until today. The profile of Moreese Bickham had a lot to do with racism he got treat wrong bcause of his skin color. "But I was a black man living in a white neighnorhood, and some people didn't like that too good". ( Bickham 34)

Is true that "racism divides America"!!!!!!!!!!!,r:0,s:0,i:70&tx=93&ty=92


  1. I absolutely agree, racism divides America in so many ways! Just because someone is not the same color or ethnicity as you, doesn't mean that singling them out is acceptable. Hopefully our country is able to continue progressing.

  2. Racism is still exsist in America wether people will ignore or very hard for to understand why would someone discriminate other human beign based on their race, color or religion i dont get the fundemental behind that ignorance.

  3. I agree that racism does divide American, even still today. Society is somewhat still like this today, because or others culture, views in life, and beliefs that have been passed down from family members.People are still judged on the color of ones skin, religion, and sex. This is actually quite sad, being that it is 2012, but you cannot change how some people are raised.