Thursday, April 5, 2012

Exploration three

Kaitlyn Spaide
English 367
Professor Lohre
Exploration Three
            My issue I did from Holding On was about Moreese Bickman. He was a prisoner in Louisiana.  What I learned from my research is that there are about 2,019,234 prisoners in the United States. It is a concern for sure. Some could be in prison and are innocent or others could be in there for food and shelter because they have nowhere to go and are using the system for free education.  One percent of the US populations, 20,000 are falsely accused. The average time from convicted to exoneration is about 13 years, to clear their name. Nineteen out of twenty, or 95%, of convictions in the US are by the plea bargain. If the rate of exoneration for all non-death-row crimes (which is unknown) were the same, then there could have been as many as 87,000 exoneration of that kind from 1989-2003.  The cause of deaths in prison is around 21,936 in 2007.

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  1. Agree that some people that are in prison could be innocent.. is in impossible to believe that over 2 million people do crimin in the United States.