Thursday, April 5, 2012

Prison Health Care

    While I was reading the profile of Morse Bickham in Holding on, I came across questioning myself what are the issues of the health-care in prison. Then I did research on the health-care issues in prison. There are 2,019,234 people in prison. Those people held in correctional facilities across the country suffer a much higher rate of serious and chronic illness than the general population does.  Inmates are overcrowded and the health-care doesn't cover all of them. “In federal, state and local jails, 38.5 percent of inmates, 42.8 percent of inmates and 38.7 percent of inmates, respectively, had a chronic medical condition”. Also, as the inmates grow older and sicker the cost of health-care rise. Inmates over 65 had medical cost of $8,500 when compared to the younger inmates whose medical cost were $950.  


  1. It's not surprising that many of the people in prison are suffering medical issues, I assume many are dealing with mental health issues? Especially those older inmates who have probably been there a longer period of time, which would really cause some issues and would account for the higher costs.

  2. I absolutely agree with your article so many prisoners struggle different kind of diseases and they dont get the treatment they need as a human beign infact not all prisoners are criminals some of them are innocent..

  3. yes that is true some of them have mental promble issue about their case nd how long they will be there and also some of them will get shock when they see someone who will be in pirson untill the rest of their life.