Sunday, April 8, 2012

My researched was based around the concepts of Moreese Bickman, and individuals who were unjustly convicted or serve extreme sentencing.  The law system at that time in history failed him, and even until recently continued to condemn Bickman for invalid reasons.  Society must evaluate the standards of are law system, and determine where our laws have failed the people.  If there are men like Mr. Bickman currently residing in the prison systems; then how many more men are unjustly condemned also.  In two thousand and eight and article appeared in nytimes. com, which reported the total amount of inmates, exceeded over two million point eight million people.   Several members of the American criminal population were sentenced for bad checks and drug use. The point that was driven home in this article was to the extent that of these crimes, and was the sentences conducive to the crimes.  That’s to say, is the sentence to stern for lower level crimes, and taking away from the more violent felons.  Society must ponder, has are law system viewed past files justly, and have they determined based on law not public persona? NYtimes wrote there were people from other countries that wondered why these individuals were imprisoned, and why there sentences were so long.  This leads to high finical debut to contain these declared felonies, and is the sentence fitting?  If someone commits murder out of malice oppose to self-defense clearly it should be deemed an accountable to serve life; but when committing check fraud or drug use is it worth the money and work for excessive periods of time.  China a country with four times our population has an inmate count that is one point six million.  Is this based on the ability to control crime, or determined and regulate proper sentencing?  How many of these individuals were unjustly tried?  The judicial system in America holds several flaws, and because of that must be evaluated to determine were the weathered cracks are occurring.  Society appears to be slipping further into a source of crime and negligence, which is changing small crime to large building blocks.


  1. I am not suprise that a lot of people are in prison for crimes they didnt commit. justice in nowadays became more about the money than the rights of every individuall who are in this country is all about the money. Rich criminals are walking freely and enjoying while poor innocents are serving in jails..

  2. yes u right because this day the crimes didn't commit plus money makes them to be free because they buying lowyer ot anything to be them free.