Saturday, April 21, 2012

In recent times, we have witnessed an influx in fiction novel popularity. This could be based on the increased conversion to film of popular fiction novels or more intense marketing techniques, while there are other fields that have seen a decline such as poetry.  Once a heavily weighted muse in the early to middle 1900’s, poetry was published in major newspapers, magazines, and produced on radio.  Since this time, there has been a drastic decline in popularity.  What appears to be a fading art form is being saved by local small publishing houses and journals.  Small market publishers are able to spend more time with authors, and the editors are able to insure that authors are capable of producing solid material.  The use of journals comes without compensation, but allows authors the ability to get their name in the mainstream; this link of local talent, journals, and small publications helps to support local arts and local business.  The biggest profit to small publications is the fact that they are able to view local talent that some larger publications may pass on.  Small publications can also find profit in the support of local work using word of mouth and the artistic community as a driving factor. A problem with this is the fading of both the publications, fading art, and diminishing art communities.  There are other problems facing these small publishers, journals, and poets. Commercial business such as who now makes it available for anyone to produce and sell their own pieces is a good example. There are several concerns that stem from these growing issues - the stability of writing and production value with everyone being able to produce their own work and allowing mediocrity to overwhelm literature like it has television and radio.  The extinction of small publishing houses and journals along with newspaper appear evident.  With the local small publications and journals fading may also lead to poetries demise. This, along with the gleaming concept of quality in self -publishing, it also destroys livelihoods of both publisher and writer.  The growing fad of fiction will dull  much like that of any big thing in pop culture, and then, much like poetry, it to could begin to fade; at this point there may be no local publisher to produce and distribute deserving authors.  The big question is local artist and writers becoming dinosaurs?  With the growth of technology is writing becoming dumbed down, and our literary value.  These concepts of writing and publication allow corporate America’s laziness to increase, and any stature of writing to be produced with disregard for editing, quality, or economic stability.   Society already suffers a downgraded syntax with texting, and abandonment of historical writings such as poetry.  This is no longer a question of poetry, but knowledge that commercial business is driving away small business, muting qualified writers, and down grading intellect.  

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