Thursday, April 5, 2012

Prison Rate

One issue that i have researched from Holding On was the Prison Rate in the United Dtates. "With more than 2.3 million people behind bars,  in the United States leads the world in both the number and percentage of residents it incarcerates, leaving far-more-populous". its really sad to see this much of people are in prison, they left family behind and their lives. However, they dont also get treated right in prison like Moreese Bickhn said " you dont have any privillege of you own. none . they tell you what to wear, when to go what to eat, when to lay down when to get up, what side to walk on when to speak." ( Moreese Bickham page 36). I believe he was telling the truth becuase there are couple images in the internet that shows us how they get treated. for example this image.

this prisoners seemed to be told how to stand and what to do exactly. Honesty  to me it seems they are being abused we are all human beings everyone has the right to be treated like one.


  1. In some ways I agree with what you saying because we see the images of how people get abused in prison and get treated like children. People are different for a reason and thats what makes us special. On the other hand though, these people in prison are there for a reason and don't deserve have the same freedoms we do. I agree with breaking a person down and building them back up again. This is something the armed forces do everyday. My cousin told me they break a person down until they know they are ready and then build them back up. If this requires the same clothes, how to stand, what to eat, and how to act then I say they can show their individuality in different ways.

  2. I feel that people in prison should be told what to do and what to wear, etc. People who have committed a crime should not have privileges like others. for the fact that yes, they have committed a crime, and do not deserve luxuries. Prison should not be a social place where those can watch tv and have fun. They are there for a reason, and should be sent to learn a lesson that they have done something wrong.