Thursday, April 5, 2012

Racism and the Civil Rights Movement

Through out our history, racism has been an issue dealing with people within our society. People were and still are today judged based on the color of ones skin. This is a serious situation at hand, because discrimination has forced African-Americans out of job opportunities and even sent to jail for no reasoning. Also, African-Americans were threatened and abused because of ones skin color. African- American's begun to protest, and take actions into their own hands. They just wanted to be treated like everyone else. The Civil Rights Movement was put into affect from the protests. Lunch sit ins were freguently, along with boycotts and walks for the movement.
A man who believed that everyone should be equal was Martin Luther King Jr. He was the newly elected president of the Montgomery Improvement Association (MIA), and he, along with others, began to force the movement for civil rights. Schools were shut down prior to this movement.
In the book, Holding On, there is a story that describes Harold Cotton, and an example from this period. Bob's Hat Shop decided to integrate the store. Surpisenly, the business had no issues with this considering everything that was happening in the world.
I find this to be shocking due to the fact that discrimination during this time period reflected on lives of so many. But it's a positive story that such a little store like Bob's Hat Shop could make such a large difference.

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