Saturday, April 21, 2012

               Vegetable gardening is a relatively easy activity that can be done in a small or large yard. All it takes is seeds, good soil, water, and time. With these three things the benefits include, but are not limited to, more family time and saving money.
                A vegetable garden of any size is something that can bring a bond to families. In today’s world, many families are struggling to find a way to spend time together. To garden, there are many steps to start, and carry on the process, which could be assigned as a specific job to each member of the family. To prepare the garden, one person could till the soil, another sort the seeds, plant them, mark what is what, and water. It is easily a 5 step job that could be used to bring the family closer in working together.  Not to mention, taking care of it until the end of the season. Each could take turns watering and looking for ripe crop every day.
                Vegetable gardening is also a money saver. When buying from the store, not only are you paying for the produce, but also the shipping, handling, and other miscellaneous costs. If you did it yourself, you could be only paying for the seeds. Seeds normally cost about $2.00 or less and there are normally about 20 or so seeds in a packet. That’s about 10 cents per vegetable. At the store, on average, each vegetable is about $1.50 plus per pound- Seems like a good deal to me. 


  1. I really like your blog, Katelan. A vegetable garden is a great porject for families to get involved in. Gardening allows families to become closer to one another, it's better for the enviornment and better for your health. Also, it's cheap for families who are having a difficult time with finacial issues.

  2. such activities bring famlies together and closer to each other like vegetable Gardening is a way to learn to observe and learn more the nature