Thursday, April 5, 2012

Does a Glass Ceiling Still Exist?

Exloration 3:
For last class I chose the question I came across from the reading was whether or not the glass ceiling still exist in today's society. I learned that the glass ceiling indeed does still make appearances in today's culture especially in the work environment. An average of 15% of board seats today are filed by women and only 3% have CEO opportunities in big corporations. When it comes down to the pay gap between men and women there is still a 23% gap between the lowest paid male in a specific area of work and the highest paid women in that same area. When it comes to racial discrimination it is still very high in America today, I just recently read an article where a Hispanic man got a job as an assistant secretary and even though his boss was a woman, she was infuriated that he answered one phone call (because he is no good and just plain ignorant) that she fired him right on the spot without even having a conversation with him before the matter so he became a drug dealer instead.

Below is a link to the article I had found on the women vs men in the work environments:

-Shelby Terrill


  1. Amazing how people treat people who are different than they are in the work place. Pretty lame. How do people with that kind of attitude/morals get to such higher end jobs? How do people deal with them? Messed up.

  2. Since I am a woman myself, knowing that things are still so unequal makes me irratated. I know that I would hate to get turned down just because I'm a woman and they don't think I deserve the job. race is still a big issue too whether or not people want to believe it and it is almost sickening to know that mindset is still out there. I wish people come open there eyes and think, "what if that were me? I wouldn't want that kind of treatment!" I guess that old saying goes, "old habits die hard."

    1. it really does Kara! in high school I got told by guys in my own grade to go back to the kitchens where I belonged and that I had no right to go to college and that was just within the past 4 years! it's ridic, things need to change.

  3. knowing that women get different salary than man makes me so frustrated.. Hopefully one day that would change.