Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cooking at Home

by reading the Book in the presence of fear I came a cross that we as a human being are loosing the power of being a human and destroying fundamental theory of we are capable of. We are relying on fast food, hotdog stands, pizza delivary,quick bite  and so on. we are not respecting nature nor using our God given brains to serve our needs.With instant food much more accessible and far better than preparing our own meals in terms of time consumed, the benefits of home cooking are ignored and becoming less and less frequent. decades ago one parent atleat stayed home to cook food for their kids but now both parents are working to survive from this financial crisis so it gives the parents an excuse not to cook it also takes the value of homecooking benefits. home is a great way of saving money and time. According to the food editorials "Home cooking is better than prepackaged food for a variety of reasons". It is more nutritious, you can control exactly what ingredients are used, and it tastes better.  homecooking doesnt need that much of knowledge, it is very easy steps if you have good understandable recipes , the more you cook the better cooker you become. unlike fast food restraunts You get what you want to eat at home. While you get to choose from a restaurant menu, you are still limited to what they want you to eat. At home, you know you have limitless possibilities over the kinds of food you want.When it comes down to feeding your body and mind, nothing is superior to preparing your food from scratch, with quality ingredients and served with love, basically you controling your diet when you cook your own food but If you buy ready-to-eat food outside, you have no control over the ingredients they put. If they serve it to you, you just eat it. We are blaming technology for our mistakes, technolgy doesnt control us but we are letting it to control our perspective ideology and sense of abilities that we have been granted.  moerover, home cooking is good way to be in touch with friends and families to come over and dine together with a healthy food and hours of fun and meaningful bondings. it aslo improves cooking skills the more you cook the better cooker you become

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  1. i agree with you ifrah thats true cooking home is more health