Thursday, April 5, 2012

Prison... really that bad?

To many people, we see prison as a place where criminals go to simply serve out their time. Sure, nobody would want to be in prison unless they enjoy having every part of their lives controlled and being forced to stay within the fenced walls of a yard, but that's what WE perceive prison to be. In reality, prison is a very VERY harsh place. News reporters and authors write about how prisoners form gangs and how they start sticking together in groups in order to build up strength and control the prison. The Latinos group with Latinos, the Blacks group with Blacks and the White group with Whites. Seems natural that birds of a feather would flock together, but its not just about getting strength in a prison, it's about surviving. In recent years, the inside crime rates within prison walls have been growing. The most unsettling part is the explosion of rapes and assaults within prison. Many people don't hear about the serious rape offenses that occur within prisons, primarily because of what it in tales. Prison officials are embarrassed to admit they have rape cases within their prison walls, and many prisoners that are rapped often do not receive the counseling or mental help needed to cope with such dramatic events. Because the system is not as efficient or capable in handling matters like rape, primarily due to the blind eye turned to this matter, people are starting to turn towards gangs and groups where still they are being forced into relations with prisoners. I can't understand how a system meant to correct behaviors, can stand by and allow something so morally and ethically wrong to happen. The article I read on this very matter explains how the system is simply sweeping these matter of rape under the carpet and why many people are becoming silent victims of such horrible occurrences in prison. Just like in the civilian world, people that are assaulted sexually or raped are reluctant and embarrassed to get help. Just because a person steps into prison, does not mean they are any less of a person, and to have a system that can't even protect its own population says very little about the boundaries between good and evil in this perception of civil justice.


  1. I agree with you on the part that no one likes to be controled by anyone.. Also no one want to be in prison..

  2. the people in pirson can't do anything that they are not sighn for them. they treat the people like litter kids and no one like to be there.