Monday, April 2, 2012


Hello! My name is Molly. I am currently a senior, for the second time. I have a degree in Communications from The Ohio State University that I earned in 2005. I have been a flight attendant, a yoga instructor and a world traveler. I spent most of my time between degrees working fashion retail, design and marketing.

I have always really enjoyed learning people's life stories. To me the writing that precedes the story is where I see the art of writing the most. The writer is taking it upon himself to introduce someone that he does not know on more than a professional level. But the story is where the art form truly is. I enjoy thinking about what the author had to take into consideration when editing the tapes and transcribing it all, I would love to see the other drafts of the stories and talk to the author about why he omitted the parts he did and kept others. 


  1. Good luck with your second degree!

    1. Good job on completing school the first couple times and congrats on doing it again! also your jobs sound like fun and you sound like an interesting person yourself!

  2. I find the commit of wanting to now why the writer did what she/he did a common ground. There is nothing more complicating then to break another writers peace down... wait yes there is why did they chose those edits, and why is their piece strong because of it? Writers thoughts and reasoning can be complex, but sometimes it's simple like " it wasn't good".