Friday, March 30, 2012

My name is Brian Wilds, and I’m currently and English major.  I spent thirteen years in retail management after leaving high Scholl.  I found that while I was good at my job it wasn’t my niche.  Originally I started as a psychology major, but found that I had an ability to write prose and poetry.  The life experienced I gained through my life has given me inspiration and structure to my pieces.  I enjoy sports and other hobbies, but have found myself more evolved in reading and writing.  My future goals are to become a professor, and to continue my writings.

We read several everyday people in our last reading.  I found the simplicity of the writing to express several valid factors.   Displaying that it’s not always in the structure and writing, but that it’s in the message.  These everyday people shared with readers their lives and environments, and this is something that readers may have never experienced.  The story of “Steam Train” Maury Graham was one of a unique life style.  His story discussed a way of life that developed tradition and culture within its own realm.    Communication among these individuals was interesting. These individuals are viewed as lower class, but they form stereotypes of people under their social scale.  These pieces all held their own diverse perspectives, and allowed the readers into otherwise ignored views.   

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