Thursday, March 29, 2012


Hey! My names Katelan. I’m a freshman and am completely undecieded in what I want to do these next three years, and life in general. In my free time I really like to be outdoors and taking photographs. Maybe in the future I can incorporate these into a career.

The profile that interested me most was Robert Shields, the author of the World’s Longest Diary. I really found it interesting that he spends so much time devoted to just writing. Many authors spend most of their life writing, but to publish it and have possibly thousands read it. Shields just wrote to pass the time, to complete his life. I guess I can find that almost something to admire, because it may not have mattered to anyone else, but it mattered to him and that is all that mattered. Hopefully in the future all of his time won’t be wasted, and someone will read, and possibly put a use to his works.

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  1. Hey Katelan, I also and partly undecided on what i want to do with my life! It is so hard to figure it out.