Thursday, March 29, 2012


So introduction, my name is Esah and I'm a security and intelligence major at OSU. As far as careers go, I am 100 percent certain of my major and know for a fact that I will end up being in some form of federal law enforcement. A big lecture I could get into is why the legal system is so vital to our everyday lives, but that would take too long, so I will simply leave it for another time. I just know that out of all there is to do out there in the world, being a keeper of the peace and justice is ultimately where my heart lies.

Today we discussed the first three profiles in our book Holding On, and I think the most interesting profile was the last one about Shield. His character is certainly an interesting one, and at first it definitely seems as though the guy might have a few loose nuts and bolts if you know what I mean. In reality though, I think Shield represents a very real subconscious worry that we all have. In the very beginning of the book, Roth talks about how we should all keep our eyes open while we can because eventually they will close forever. Shield writes feverishly about every passing moment of his life and at the end of his profile highlights the notion that when he is gone, all that will remain are his writings.... and nose hairs. In looking at the grand scheme of things, death has always been a fear and mystery to everyone at some point. To some, religion provides a something after and to others, they simply see death as a nothing. Regardless of how one perceives the notion of "eyes closing forever" the fact remains that once we are gone, how will others remember us and what will remain. For me I see Shield as a man simply more concerned with leaving something when he's gone than most. Truely a very interesting character.


  1. Esah I swear I know you from some where but can't figure out from where..

  2. It is crazy to see this man's passion. I feel that everyone has a "diary" and is something that we are passionate about and can't live without it.

  3. its hardly to find someone really passionate about their major.. i understand where you coming from because i am also 100% sure about my major i can picture my self doing dental helping people out..