Thursday, March 29, 2012

Introduction and Insight on The World's Longest Diary

Hi all! My name is Eric Pettit and I am a first-year in middle childhood education. I am originally from Tampa, Florida but moved when I was 5 and now live in Delaware.

When first reading the section about Robert Shields, I was taken back. How can a man spend this much time on writing that he admits no one will read? He takes it as far as leaving nostril hair on the bottom of the page so that people will be able to use it for DNA testing some day. He mentions that he cannot leave town because he would fall too far behind on his diary and that would be detrimental.

At first glance, people (like me) may think that he has a bad case of OCD. I think that there are some cool themes at play. For example, memory of the past or the importance of writing in ones life. I feel that we all have things that we do not want to give up in our life and cannot function.

For me, this is Ohio State Sports. I have to watch every football and basketball game no matter where I am or what I am doing. I have asked off from work so that I do not miss a game. I may say, like Shields, that I can stop and that it would not effect me. This is probably not the case.

The only reason that Isay writes about Shields is because it is so unique. The truth is, we all have obsessions whether we realize it or not.  


  1. I totally agree with the OCD comment.

  2. it was sad seining Ohio State loosing and kansas winning i had tears on my eyes i had high hopes..

  3. I think with Shields it was a case of theory turned to obsession. He allowed he creativity to engulf his reality, and in someways his personal need of being remembered forming his down fall.